Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Weekend in Pictures

So my hubby turned 30 this past Friday. Which is fine and well with me because I've always had a thing for older men...

So much handsomeness.

We were able to celebrate with our best friends who live in Atlanta and stayed with them for the whole weekend.

The Hinshaw's on Pearl Street. So here's the short and sweet 411 of a rare and special friendship.

I've known Beth since I was 10 years old and we were awkward and uncoordinated and sat on the bench of our 6th grade basketball team all season.

Steven and Jess have been friends for 10 years, maybe longer. Some of their stories would make for a whole separate post.

Over three years ago Beth and Jess started dating and 6 months later while I was visiting Beth she introduced me to Steven and the spark was ignited. Beth and Jess married May 2008 and a week later Steven proposed to me.

Beth and I always thought it would be cool to marry brothers...but we'll take best friends :)

Back to our weekend.

Friday night we went to Rathbun's Steakhouse, incredible food.

Satisfied and full-bellied, what better place to go next then a bar with a naked mermaid above the door.

The next morning we took a stroll around the old sites of Cabbage Town.

We went through a graffiti tunnel.

Jess went to the barber shop.

We headed out to attend a beautiful wedding.

After a restful nights sleep, we awoke to eggs and sausage biscuits and a little Wii Fit. The morning followed with another walk and successful trip to a yard sell, a quick stop for a banana milkshake and then a trip to the park.

I have always turned to Beth for good advice.

Especially on what a solid, healthy marriage should look like...

It looks fun, maybe I will join?

Yep. Life is good!

Remember when I said Beth and I were a little awkward and uncoordinated...?

After we walked back to the house we made homemade pizza from scratch.

I can actually feel Steven rolling his eyes... No, I did not make homemade pizza from scratch. Beth did and it was delicious.

I did however have a photo shoot with Lilly.

Steven and I were definitely in no rush to get home. Except to see our girls of course :) But we absolutely love our time spent with the Hinshaws.

Thanks guys! We'll be back :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Has anyone seen my sunglasses?