Saturday, November 5, 2016

Dear Ida {month 11}

Dear Ida,

As I write this, we are actually already in your birthday month.  And you are full of everything that's good to celebrate and be thankful for.

Your favorite things right now are kissing yourself in the mirror, loving on your baby doll, sitting in the corner looking at your books, finding a basket of blocks/toy/clothes and throwing the objects one by one over your shoulder, crawling around pushing a toy car and getting a good grasp of dog fur and flesh when we are outside.

You are fascinated with anything your big sisters are doing and you can officially reach across their art and work table.  They are quite patient with you and are often more amused at your quick grab and determination than they are upset about you eating their drawings.

Speaking of eating, you will put paper, leaves, and other found objects in your mouth but you have no interest in eating food.  Pureed foods get swallowed for a couple of bites and then you motor boat spray them all over your tray.  Soft table food gets put in your mouth, we clap, you grin, and then spit it back out.

But if I've learned anything 3 babies in, it's that 95% of the time when you start to think 'Is this a problem?'  If I wait 5 more minutes, it all works itself out. 

Actually it seems to work that way with life in general.  Take a deep breath and wait 5 more minutes...

So I'm not worry my silly, healthy, mama's milk lovin' girl.

But at this birthday cake for you baby ;)



Dear Ida {month 10}

Dear Ida,

As I sit here typing this letter, you are squealing and laughing your head off while Papa tickles you and the two of you play a pretty intense version of peek-a-boo.  The 'boo' part is by far your favorite.

This has been a sweet time with you for months now.  The hour or so after your big sisters are in bed.  You explore and cuddle and play.  Equally content spending time playing by yourself without assistance from your sisters, then turning your attention to your Papa and me, aware of the undivided attention. 

But more then anything, it's become a special play time with your Papa.  And papas have a magical and different way of playing, don't they baby girl?  And you have one of the best.


P.S.  Taking your monthly pictures on a bed maybe wasn't the best's becoming a little dangerous!  You are fast and playful and have no fear.