Monday, August 19, 2013

Dear Lulah {month 5}

Dear Lulah,

You are so baby right now.  You smile with your whole face, laugh with your whole body.  You're squishy and plump and round.  You're slimy and wet and jolly.  You wake up mouth full of smile and you fall asleep with a coo and a thumb in your mouth.  You nuzzle necks and dance the dance of a turtle on his back, arms and legs wild with motion.

You are every thing a baby should be, but more than I could have ever imagined.

You have found a new voice.  You growl.  Well, kind of a mixture between a growl and a crow's caw.  It is hilarious, odd, and endearing.

And Lulah, to be honest, I'm really not sure what you're fully capable of right now.  Every time you are down on the floor, you have a big sister hovering over you.  'Helping' you move, sit, play, kick, and spin.  But I'm quite certain you are still enamored with each other.   

You are working on some teeth.  Drool has now joined the tributaries of milk trickling from your mouth.  And put any object in the vicinity of your gums, and you show us exactly where you're hurting.  It's been a little challenging for you.  There have been days this last week or two where you are almost always in my arms.  And at 18.9 lbs, you are heavy my dear.  But I'm thankful that for now, my embrace is all the comfort you need.

I'm in love with your every ounce.

Yesterday was 5 months my love.