Tuesday, November 24, 2015

39 Weeks

Dear baby,

39 weeks and a day. 

There's nothing really to make me think I will be holding you this week, even though your sisters did make their appearance by this point.

It's strange, this holiday week.  While everyone around me is entering a season where life gets busier - calendars fill up, travel plans are made, lists grow longer and more urgent - here we are, just waiting.  I feel a little frozen in my own bubble of time. 

All of our prep work is done, our calendar has been cleared, we've settled into home, into the four of us, ready...just waiting for you.

There is certainly part of me that wants to hurry up and meet you.  To get to know you and for you to get to know me, your papa, your sisters.  To introduce you to all the amazing people in our life.  But my true self knows, I know not to wish these last womb days away.  These are sacred days and what I do with them will be a part of your story.

So I will settle in to the waiting, not with anxiousness and hurry, but with peace and assurance that your arrival is already known and has been planned by the One who created you.  My days will be filled with our ordinary routine, with pockets of quiet and reflection and waiting.

I am so incredibly thankful for you.