Friday, November 30, 2012

24 Weeks

Hey there baby,

I would ask how you're growing in there, but I already know the answer.  You are growing very well!  I know this because my belly is having a growth spurt.  And you've gone from a few movements a day, to some marathon stretches.  Nothing major or visible yet, but definitely some hello's to your dear old Mama.

We got our tree and house decorated for Christmas yesterday.  It's such a magical time baby.  And get ready for Christmas carols too.  They are sung loud and proud and often in this house.  And although I'm not allowed to play them in the house until after Thanksgiving, car rides are a different story.  Any day of the year is fair game (of course that's only when it's just me, you, and your sister!).

I find myself having more and more moments where my thoughts just drift to you.  Thinking about meeting you and seeing you.  You, this whole new little person who's been waiting to come and fill a perfect spot in our family.  I always catch myself grinning when I'm pulled back to the present.

Until then, may God continue to knit you together in His perfect image.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tree pickin'

Today we went tree picking.  A little tree farm that ended up being only 10 minutes from our house, Silver Creek Tree Farm.  It was a simple, short, and sweet little experience. 

We took our little 5 foot tree home and are looking forward to decorating this week.

Christmas is here.


Friday, November 16, 2012

22 Weeks

Dear 2nd Baby,

Today we went on a family walk.

Why?  You will soon understand.  We're a family who likes to wander.  Especially in the woods.  and especially in the Fall.  Once you get here you'll have to wait a little while to see Fall for yourself, but it will so be worth the wait.

I also wanted to collect some things to use for some projects in the house.  Your sister can confirm this, but I fully welcome any outdoor collections you may one day present me.  Rocks, sticks, pinecones, flowers, leaves, weeds...whatever draws you in.  I do have some rules concerning things that move and crawl, but we'll talk about that when the time comes.

I love my belly sweet baby.  I've missed it.  A hard, round shell...a vessel.  It feels so right that I'm your little home right now.  I remember now what a peaceful time this is.  When your movements are still private and are felt deep inside, only by me.  Keep on growing my love.

Here's a look at your family and just a little bit of the world we can't wait to introduce to you.


Sunday, November 11, 2012

20 Months

Dear Lucy,

20 months today. In four months you will be my 2 year old. No longer tracked by the months you’ve been in this world, but simply by years. That seems even crazier than the fact you will also become a big sister in four months!

The only thing keeping you closer to still resembling my baby is your sweet little baby hair. Yes, it’s growing…slowly. In all other areas you are racing to little girl status.

Daily you are adding to your vocabulary, even putting a few words together in phrases. Your favorite phrase being, ‘hold you’, as you stretch your arms out waiting to be held. You like practicing your colors. You have a pretty good record of getting them right, but if you’re not sure, your fall back color is always blue. You are also all about names. Every photograph we pass or any time we’re visiting with friends and family, you like to point and say everyone’s name. Or point and say, ‘who’s this’ and have everyone say their name. You always end with a great big grin and you point to yourself and say, 'Lucy’, which sounds more like ‘sushi’. My favorite time though, is hearing you read your books to yourself.

Lucy, you are the most affectionate little tot I’ve ever seen. Sure you still have your clingy moments when you just want to be held if you’re tired, hungry, or just not feeling your best. But so often you stop what you’re doing just to run over and hug me or your dad and give us kisses, always accompanied with an, ‘awwwwww’ from you. You like kneeling in my lap and laying your head on my chest and then you look up and grin and nuzzle your cheek against my cheek and just giggle. On walks, if you’re not holding my hand, I’ll carry you and you’ll put your arm around my neck and you just pat my back with your little hand. I don’t know if toddlers already have a love language, but yours my dear would certainly be physical touch.

And my tiny little bird, you are officially in the next size clothing! After wearing 12M clothing for the entire last year, you are now wearing 18M/18-24Months. You may still be a little on the tiny side, but your personality is not. Your movements have such purpose and intent. You have a swagger and facial expressions to match, that keep your dad and me laughing all day. And speaking of laughing, I cannot keep up with how many different laughs you have. My goal is to try and get them all on video because I don’t want to ever forget a single one of them.

Lucy you embody laughter and joy, even during the times when you are helping me learn more and more about patience and grace. You continue to become one of my sweetest companions. I love you with all my heart.

Love, Mama

Friday, November 2, 2012

20 Weeks

Well little one, you finally decided to make a noticeable appearance.  (Even though I've noticed a bump for weeks now!)  Your dad even went to pull me into a hug the other night and was like, "Whoa!  You've got a baby in there!"  I guess it's about time since we're at the 20 week mark.  That's half way my dear!

I've also been feeling movement about once a day or so.  And I have loved it.  Especially since I haven't  been able to hear your little heartbeat yet.  But I know that you are in God's hands and are being formed perfectly.  Perfectly made and perfect for our family.


P.S.  The picture below was actually taken at 19 weeks, but nothing has changed since!