Thursday, July 18, 2013

Dear Lulah {month 4}


You are asleep on me as I type this.

Unless we are out and about, this doesn't happen nearly as often as I'd like.

For one, it's unsurprisingly easier to take care of your big sister with 2 arms.

And two, you sleep so well in your cradle.

It never ceases to amaze me that I just lay you down and you sweetly and quietly fall asleep.  This is new to me.

I still like to lay down and nurse you in bed though.  With your belly full and eyes still wide, I slide down until we are face to face.  You grin, I smile.  Sometimes I trace your soft skin or let you wrap your hand around my finger.  No talking, no sounds, but your eyes never leave mine.  We lay like that for several minutes and I watch your face, full of content.  Then slowly, heavy, your eyelids give way.  And you sleep.

Did I tell you?  That's even how you like to wake.  Grinning and content.

It's one of my favorite things about you right now.

Your sister was and is a great sleeper as well, but fights the process.  Much like your daddy.

You like the process.  The unwinding.  The slow fall into slumber.  The quiet, the peace that comes with rest.  You and me fighting it here.

When you're not resting or observing, you are talking.  Finding that voice.  The grunts, the squeals, and the laughter.  Oh, that laughter!  On the other end, you have little patience for hunger.  Out of your mouth comes a cross between a Broadway performance and an angry cat.  Your message is always clear and always received.

Your grip is strong and more purposeful.  Whether a toy or Mama's hair, whatever is in your grasp must be pried out.

You also like being held by your daddy.  You share lots of special moments together.  You even save the cutest habit for him.  No matter how he holds you or where he positions a towel, you miss.  Or rather, aim perfectly.  Down his arm, down his back, the lap of his pants...where ever there is no protection.  While I wear my share of regurgitated milk, your father just brings it out of you.  Every.  Time.    

You're still a thumb sucker.

You still simultaneously look terrified and in awe of your sister.

You still prefer being outside.

You still melt my heart and capture the full attention of this little family.

Happy 4 months Lulah Grey.