Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Dear Ida {month 5}

Dear Ida,

Last week you turned 5 months.

You are weighing in at 19 pounds and 10 ounces, the majority of that weight is distributed in your thighs.  It is because of that good solid base of thigh that you are getting close to sitting up on your own.  But they are also the reason you have not yet mastered rolling over.

Either way you are perfect and delicious.

You continue to woo the heck out of us.  With all your grins and chuckles and your easy going gentleness and your squishiness.  You are just so charming.  I don't think I've ever thought of describing a baby with that word, but it just fits.  You are certainly a charmer.

You also rounded out your 5th month with quite a scare.  It included a trip to the ER for what ended up being a febrile seizure.  It was all pretty shocking considering you had shown no signs of not feeling well.  But goodness did we have friends swoop in to help with your sisters and more friends and family covering you in prayer.  And my mama heart felt it.  There is not much worse then not knowing what is going on with your child. 

But even that can be covered by God's love.  You might not understand that fully for awhile, but for a love to drive out that kind of fear?  That's a mighty big love Ida Ruth.