Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Dear Ida {month 7}

Dear Ida,

Still no teeth, still no crawling, still not going longer then 3 hours without waking up at night, but...

It was a couple of days before your 7th month and I was up getting breakfast started in the kitchen while you laid in bed playing with Papa.  I hear him holler, 'she said it!'  You had said, ma-ma.

Or so your father says.  I have yet to truly hear it.  I will sing ma-ma to you over and over and you will give me the biggest grin and move your mouth to match mine but with no sound coming out.

I know it's coming.  But we don't need words, do we baby girl?  You look at me with such depth and sweetness and affection.  When you are falling asleep you often rub my fingers or wrap your little hand around my wrist and I feel you sigh and surrender to rest.  And waking in the morning to your sunshine smile is one of my greatest pleasures.

You have my heart.

And you have a million little ways that you let me know that I have yours as well.


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