Friday, July 27, 2012

Brad Dunagan for Tax Commissioner!

My Papa is running for tax commissioner in Hall County.  If you live there...he IS the person to vote for.

I wish it was as simple as that.

It's kind of weird when people you love run for things.  It's so obvious to me that my father is qualified.  And he's kind, honest, wise, and full of integrity.  Therefore, it should be obvious to everyone else.  And if all of that is obvious, then of course he will be the person elected.  Right?  Again, how simple would that be.

His campaign was never about how much money was spent on signs and billboards and advertising.  To me, it seems a little silly to run for tax commissioner and spend 20 or 30 or 40,000 dollars {or more} to get there.  My father just wanted to meet people.  To talk with them, get to know them, and let them get to know him.  It's the way I wish more campaigns were done.

It really isn't because he's my father that I want you to vote for him, but because he is my father I can say with 100% certainty he is the best candidate for the position.  I can tell you that he has more patience than anyone I know.  He responds to any circumstance with wisdom and logic.  He is fair and humble.  He values people.  That's the stuff you don't see on resumes.  And that's also the stuff that separates being simply, a qualified candidate, to being exactly who you would want serving your county.

But here's what I really love about my father.  He serves someone much bigger.  Someone that is always in control.  Someone who has written the tiny details and the greater picture.  Because of my father's faith in the Heavenly Father, there is peace in the uncertainty.  When you believe the Lord works everything towards the good, and you are open to serve the Lord however and wherever He sees fit, there is joy, not fear, in taking a risk.  And that's what my father believes.

So elected or not, Brad Dunagan will still rest in the Lord.  He will still look to Him for guidance.  His future is still in His hands.  And my father will still count each day a blessing.

But just so you know Hall, you'd be one lucky county to have Brad Dunagan serve you.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


This morning I was in the bathroom washing my face and brushing my teeth.

I came out and saw this.

She looked up and smiled at me, and then continued "getting ready" herself. 

I thought about how many times in those early months she would be strapped to me, curled up with just her little head peeking out of her sling while I sat on that bench, looking into that mirror.  She would watch me in the mirror while I combed my hair after a shower and tried covering up my dark circles.

Then she grew to sit on the bed and watch me.

Then she was standing beside me wanting to touch everything I was using.

Now I suppose she can do it on her own.

People constantly refer to how much children observe and soak up.  And I'm well aware of that.  But it never ceases to amaze me.  

I read books with Lucy.  We count, say our colors, and make animal sounds.  She has picked up some.

But here's some things she does well.
  • When she finds a piece of paper/wrapper on the ground, she marches into the kitchen and opens the cabinet under the sink, pulls the trash can out, throws away her trash, pushes the trash can back in, and closes the cabinet.  Now we just have to work on the definition of trash. :)
  • In the mornings, she goes to the dog food bin, scoops out food and fills it in the bowl...for all 3 dogs.
  • When she wants to go outside, she goes and gets her shoes and tries to stick her feet in them.
  • When she wants to eat, she'll go to the fridge and wait for you.
  • If she finds her nail clippers, she holds them to each of her nails and pretends to clip.
  • She'll scratch her daddy's back.
  • If she hears the dishwasher open, she comes running and stands at the side and hands me each dish to put away.
  • When we get her down after meals, she goes and gets her little miniature broom and sweeps mashes everything in even more.
  • She shares her water and snacks with her dolls, she reads to them, and she tucks them in.
  • She'll come out of her closet with items of clothing draped around her, proud that she dressed herself. 
None of which I set out to teach her.

This might seem like a list of small, insignificant things.  But together, it's the image of a little girl, not a baby.

I will always try and teach.  But more then anything, I will include her in life.  Not just letting her see, but letting her in.  No matter how much it requires Steven and I to slow down.  We welcome it.  We welcome her efforts and her attempts at contributing to the day to day that is our family.

More than anything Lord, I pray that as she watches me, she'll be led to You.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


We have a fig tree.

I decided to try and make some almond flour fig newtons.

I thought it would be neat to share the process here.  But it was confirmed why I would make a horrid food blogger.

1.  I'm not the cook.  Steven has the refined palate.  He enjoys cooking.  He is fantastic at it.  Period.  I would survive on cereal, scrambled eggs, and beer.  (Thank you for feeding me honey.)

2.  While I do enjoy the occasional baking, it's never pretty.  Rest assured anything I bake will come out an unusual size with zero uniformity.  Not to mention, Lucy's favorite drawer is the one containing all of our measuring utensils, which then get strewn about in all corners of the house.  Always missing the one I need, things can get interesting.

3.  As I was sliding the tray into the oven, I saw my camera sitting on the counter.  Crap, I forgot to take pictures of 'the process.' Oh well.

But nonetheless, they turned out pretty deliciously and are being consumed for breakfast and completely Lucy approved.

So this:

Became this:

You might ask why there are pumpkins in our July.  We had a surprise pumpkin vine take root after last falls discarded decor.  So, pumpkins in July!

Up next:

Sauce and Salsa!