Thursday, February 17, 2011

Week 36

Dear Baby,

36 divided by 4 equals 9. This is the first day of our 9th month of pregnancy. That is pretty awesome. Your dad and I have been going to our natural birthing classes for five weeks now and have learned so much about this incredible experience and how God has perfectly designed everything to work, from the preparation that you will begin going through, to the preparation and changes my body will go through from now until you arrive. But we still have lots of things we'll be learning in the weeks to come. It's amazing what a little faith combined with good ol' fashion information will do to put a person at ease. I am so excited and filled with peace about what we will soon be going through together. And you better believe your dad and I are preparing! I've been doing all my stretches and exercises and your dad's been making sure I eat right and we walk every evening. He's also been working on relaxation techniques with me…as well as dealing with a sudden increase in my sensitivity and ability to create tears lately. But that's nothing for you to worry about, your dad is a very patient man. We also finished writing our birth plan last week, and we are so happy with our Nurse Midwife and Doula that will help us bring you into the world. There are still things for us to take care of before your arrival, but I'm having a hard time feeling like there's anything more important I should be doing then just simply waiting for you. You are definitely worth the wait.


Sunday, February 13, 2011


Dear Baby,

Happy Valentine's Day! I will definitely be asking you to be my Valentine next year (I'm sure your dad won't mind). I got to celebrate a little early this year. Two years ago your dad was the first to receive the Young Heart of the Community award. It basically means he has a big ol' heart and is constantly giving back and serving others. Well, they throw a nice fancy party where they present these awards and we get to dress up and enjoy dinner and dancing. Since he still helps set everything up, I got to go as his date again this year. Getting dressed up in a formal gown at 35 weeks pregnant did have it's challenges. But it was a wonderful date. Your dad cleans up nice I'd say :) And I did love having you with me as well.

And as much as your dad is involved in the community, I realized that night there are quite a lot of people excited about your birth and ready to meet you.

We're getting close.

Love, Mama

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy 34 Weeks from Daddy

Dear Baby,

This is your Pa here. Just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know how excited I am to meet you. I have been filled with anticipation and excitement for months now. Your mom doesn’t even know what’s gotten into me lately because I have been so busy making this house perfect for your arrival. I’ve always been known to be a perfectionist, but I think this takes the cake! I can’t wait for you to meet your four-legged sisters-Shelby, Callie and Toccoa. Up until now, they have been my sidekicks everywhere I go. But I know that once you’re here, you’ll become the leader of the pack. You’ll be my new sidekick. But don't worry, the girls aren't going anywhere! They've already been very helpful.

They check on you and your Mama in the mornings:

They're so eager to help prepare for your arrival that I even caught them helping Mama test out your new rug in the nursery...

And I know they can't wait to include you on their walks and hikes and swims.

There is much that we’ll be able to do together and much to learn together. I will be teaching you some things along the way but you’ll probably be teaching me even more. This world is a big beautiful place and I can’t wait to show it all to you!

Until then…

I love you,